So Long, Academic Friends

If you thought I couldn’t betray you any worse than when I called for the end of your essay-grading crowns of thorns, you misunderestimated my level of “anti-intellectual” evildoing. At any rate, I am aware it will ruffle more than few feathers to admit that I am in favor–with reservations, about which I go into SCATHING detail–of Pres. Barack Obama’s idea to rate colleges.

Yes, the plan has major flaws, and no, the Dept. of Education should not have compared colleges to kitchen appliances–but the idea that an industry can take upwards of $150 BILLION HUMAN EARTH DOLLARS in high-risk loans from the government, and not be subject to some serious oversight, is absurd. At any rate, my argument is–gasp–nuanced and I call out many of the President’s plan’s flaws with no mercy, but in the end, as I wrote, I believe it will do more good than harm. Bring on the hammer!


3 thoughts on “So Long, Academic Friends

  1. Nah, I agree — we need something like this. The rating system is very limited in that it leaves out almost everything that actually impacts the quality of a student’s education, and almost everything that parents and students ACTUALLY think about, but it does try to measure stuff that parents and students SHOULD BE thinking about. So long as it’s viewed as a limited, unidimensional measure, I think it’s fine: one more thing to take into consideration.

    And as you point out, Western Governor’s U may be one of the first to see FA cuts.


  2. The only college rating system I have any interest in is the one that affords the highest ratings to colleges with the smallest number of administrators per 1,000 students and the lowest number of adjuncts per 100 tenure-track professors.

    And what is the likelihood we will see that rating system put in place any time soon?


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