GEDs and PhDs unite!

It’s a big fundraising week here in Schuvania, but you know that I wouldn’t be asking if it weren’t important.

Here’s another wonderful fundraiser, from the minds of Sarah Kendzior and Shannon Garth-Rhodes. They describe GEDs and PhDs like this:

GEDs and PhDs provides free, one-on-one tutoring for low-wage workers interested in passing the high school equivalency exam. We also cover the cost of the exam itself. The tutoring is done by PhDs working as adjuncts or otherwise underemployed. Tutors are paid a competitive hourly wage.

What a great idea! Contribute here!

One thought on “GEDs and PhDs unite!

  1. Great idea ~ I’d like to see this idea travel to more parts of the country too. My guess would be that most adjuncts, unemployed Phds, etc don’t realize that changes in GED test and testing have made it more difficult, expensive and less accessible. Also, many community colleges and higher ed continuing education programs host GED programs as part of the fill seats, GED to student loan debt pipeline.



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