Deutschlandreise, and ich suche Hilfe!

by Rebecca Schuman

You guys, I am coming to Germany and I need your help.

First off: Instead of my original idea, which was for a Grand Tour at the height of tourist season (blergh!), I have opted instead for a #GermanLitDeathAndMiseryTour. That is, I want to build my trip around visits to places where some of my favorite authors lived, wrote about, went crazy, died and are buried.

Here’s where I need your help:

First, I would love to crowd-source some more dead authors, philosophers and artists in the below vicinities (remember, I am an Austrianist, so my German expertise only goes so far!).

Second, if you live within 100 km of any of these locations on or around any of these dates (ALL ARE TENTATIVE!), and are amenable to being interviewed for a project I am doing–it’s a long-form writing project about German culture–please sag mir Bescheid, so we can set something up. I would especially love to be shown something off the Touristenweg, if you are into showing people things. I am also interested in meeting families, children, grandparents, etc.

18-21 Juni: Frankfurt & Gebiet

  • Adorno’s grave
  • Day trips to Wiesbaden a fave vaca spot of JWvG), Mainz (Gutenberg!), poss. Worms (Niebelungenlied!)

23-25 Juni: Tübingen & Gebiet (please convince me to stay in Stuttgart if you can muster up a reason; everyone from Stuttgart I know insists it’s boring)

  • Tower where Hölderlin went crazy
  • Various haunts of various old-skool lit types
  • Schwarzwald day trip if anyone lives around there and wants to show me around somewhere beautiful

25-27 Juni: München

27-29 Juni: Dresden

29 Juni-1 Juli: Leipzig

  • Auerbachskeller! (I realize that’s a tourist trap but I GOTTA go)

1 Juli-3 Juli: Weimar & Gebiet:

  • Numerous Goethe & Schiller stuff
  • Bauhaus stuff
  • Nietzsche death house (Jena)
  • University where Frege taught/lived (Jena)

3 Juli-12 Juli: Berlin

  • Brecht’s grave
  • ETA Hoffmann’s grave
  • Kleist’s grave
  • Gottfried Benn’s grave
  • All my friends who live in Germany

12-13 Juli: Back to Frankfurt on the ICE Sprinter with all the business guys

13 Juli: Return to Amurka.