16 thoughts on “It’s no #failedintellectualgoodwilltour, but I’m coming to Germany

  1. Too bad your Tourneeplan doesn‘t cover the most pompous, the one and only wannabe German-European financial center which is the city of Frankfurt where I reside. Falls Dir das Rheinland zu lustig, der Schwarzwald zu dunkel, Berlin zu hipsterig und der Rest zu langweilig wird, mach doch einfach einen Abstecher nach Bembeltown and we could talk about everything 😉 (which I‘d love).


    • I would be happy to make a quick stop in Frankfurt between the Rheinland and the Schwarzwald to interview you if you’d be willing. I’ve never been because I’ve heard it’s so pompous ;). It would give me the opportunity to take that ICE Sprinter too.


      • Brilliant! Well, in this case you should just take the ‚A‘ train – which is kind of synonymous to our famous and, err, rather pompous super express ICE Sprinter – right away to pompous Frankfurt. Besides, what was that interview about, again? Never mind, just show up, pull out your mike and we‘re gonna have a serious ball 🙂


  2. And I am thinking of visiting the German wine country in September. After all, after you’ve been to all the world’s hot spots, and want to visit the REALLY hot hot spots, what’s left to see?
    How about we all get together someplace where the Rieslings are particularly good? Someplace to the left of Frankfurt, on the map? (It has to be to the left of Frankfurt, because (a) I can fly to Frankfurt for free more or less anytime, and (b) that’s where the Rieslings are.)


  3. I live in Berlin, I’ll be around, and I’ll happily invite you (in the real German sense of “invite”) to the beer garden or cafe of your choice!


    • SWEET FREE BEER :). Everyone lives in Berlin. I can’t wait to meet everyone, but I also really want to spend some time in Rest Of Germany, where I haven’t really been/spent time since 1994. Why doesn’t anyone live in Rest of Germany?!


  4. Hi Rebecca, I saw the first-page image of your “semitization of squalor” article on instagram. Tried to locate it on worldcat with no success. Any chance you could send a pdf my way?? Would LOVE to read it. Pretty please?


  5. I have a question.

    What happened to all the Slate articles? I haven’t seen anything new in weeks! I used to be outraged almost daily about some new injustice taking place in higher ed. And now… It’s as if truth, justice and the American way has won, and the tenured evildoers have crawled back into their hidey-holes. But we KNOW that can’t be.

    Where are the outrages? Where are the calls to revolution? Where are the stories of philosophy professors shtupping long-legged nubile undergrads at sex-drenched academic retreats thinly disguised as “intellectual exploration”?

    What the heck is going on?


  6. Your twitter exchange with goldblatt and fullstopmag–another exquisite (and very elegant, I might add) argumentative triumph. Tragi-comic for Goldblatt, though. I mean that sincerely.


    • LOL. The fact that they didn’t pay her for that piece, and that I got them to admit that, was the professional highlight of my day. (Personal highlight was watching TV w/my husband, who is home sick.)


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