Utopian Socialism at Dook?!?

Yeah yeah, I said “Dook,” I hope you’re happy, Kyle (you know which Kyle you are). I have no love for UNC either, given their sports scandals, but simply on the basis of Tucker Max having attended, I am always down to make a Duke joke.

That said–check out my article on Slate today, about a group of six intrepid grad students at Duke who collectivized stipends (and it’s not even the only awesome thing about Duke, there’s also a student-run group called DukeOpen I’m planning on writing about soon!).  I don’t know if that’s something even I, with my frothy pink heart, could do (I don’t even collectivize all my wages with my own husband, else I’d never get to buy anything from Sephora–YES I AM OBSESSED WITH SEPHORA and have been for like 15 years, give it a rest!). I’m downright impressed.

However, if I had to narrow down one element of this article of which I’m proudest, it would have to be the “NOT” joke at Etienne Balibar’s expense that my editor on the piece, the boy genius Forrest Wickman, let me keep.

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