Let’s Do the Time Warp Again

The photo on the left–found during yesterday’s Great Home Office Furnish–was taken at the Acropolis Diner in 1996, the second semester of my sophomore year in college. The photo on the right was taken at the same place about a week ago. I put the comparison up on Facebook and a chorus of sweet people were all like, “There’s no difference!” I love you guys, but come on. It’s been 18 years. It’s OK that I’ve aged. I’ve aged. I was a child of 19 then; now I’m a grown-ass woman. What struck me, though, were the actual similarities: the Acrop uses the same mugs. I hold a mug in exactly the same way. I smile in the same way when I’m out at a diner with my friends at 2 a.m. I know that people recreate vintage photos all the time and this is hardly a super-original Thing (nor is it accurate, since I recreated it from memory), but it is still fascinating to me to see 18 years just disappear.


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