Fulbright Flashback

In the spirit of my rousing defense of a fully-funded Fulbright program, published today in Slate, here are some of the highlights of my time in Vienna, courtesy of THIS VERY DUMBASS BLOG.

October 2008: Manicallydocumented arrival. Very. Manic.

November 2008: In which I freak out about Obama’s election and about Prop 8. I am Classic 2008. In which I discover the blogging restrictions from the Department of State.

December 2008: In which I do an admittedly poor job of cultural outreach and refuse to participate in my workplace’s all-employee Advent calendar. Excellent soft diplomacy, Schuman. Also, even from afar I discover the Snuggie.

February 2009: My friend/neighbor Megan and I find very, very cheap plane tickets to Istanbul, and a very cheap hotel. We take a transformative vacation for a long weekend. It an incredibly enriching cultural experience and I loved it.

April 2009: I join Twitter. THE SUN COMES OUT IN VIENNA. And this is my last post before I quit my blog to go on the job market (HA! Ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha), and nobody notices because by this point I have zero readers, a number that stays consistent for five years.


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