Weatherby Family Emergency

My dear, misguided readers–

–I am aghast to report that my polo horse, Narbles, has come down with Horse Measles, due to the insufferable new-age horses at the other end of the stable who refuse to vaccinate their foals. I must rush to be at his side, for Narbles barely takes food or water without me on the best of days. I have no idea, nor do I care, who will be my sabbatical-replacement-replacement in Narbles’ time of need. Please keep Narbles in your prayers, if you rely on the superstitions of the rabble.

~Dr. Brett Betherton Weatherby IV

4 thoughts on “Weatherby Family Emergency

  1. This is important news of Narbles. Of course, Pedigree is all important. I can send you some pre-loved tins – they are pre-need tins now. It is best to be prepared.


  2. Off topic: what do you think of this job ad?

    What I think: unrealistic unless the candidate has a wife unemployed qualified who is doing half the work behind the scenes.

    Why unrealistic: the four course load. With that, you can’t do much more, especially with the kind of breadth and administrative and I am betting, community engagement they want.

    In Fresno.

    Set me straight?


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