I’m preparing my dossier as we speak. Or, at any rate, as I speak, and you listen.

~Dr. Brett “Binky” Betherton Weatherby IV


6 thoughts on “An Academic Position To Which I Shall Surely Apply

  1. In their defense, I can just possibly see why they might need a male. For example, if the professor needs to wear a moustache (you know the kind of moustache I am talking about) while teaching German gerunds? You wouldn’t hire Meryl Streep or Traci Lords to play Julius Caesar, would you? She may be a great actress, but she is no Julius Caesar.

    So, in the same vein, they wouldn’t hire a woman to wear a moustache in class. It just wouldn’t look natural – the students might come down with a case of cognitive dissonance.


      1. tell me about it… here in the UK we do not have tenure, but we do have zero-hours contracts in universities (I kid you not) so that you are hired but have no clue how many hours you will be teaching….


  2. If you’re not feeling bad enough yet, the salary range in inflation-adjusted dollars is $56,000-$77,000. Not bad for a position that welcomes ABD applicants.


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