Here’s an actual comment I actually just got.

I swear I am not making this up. The username this individual chose was “Cunt,” though I am pretty sure that was in reference to me, and not to him or her.

**UPDATE. Mystery solved. This blog (and presumably the Slate piece as well) has been linked from 4Chan. Fucking odious. Cesspool of the Internet. I like that I am getting several cents per click from you all, but it’s hardly worth it given the sheen of pure, bigoted, sexist, reprehensible evil that it leaves on my blog. Anyway.***

Get ready:

Boohoo, I am a whiny SJW who doesn’t understand Being and Time; I am so oppressed, and unintelligent that I am going to try and discredit someone I don’t understand. Kill yourself.

Textanalyse: I OBJECT!!!!!

  1. I am a whiny MARRIED woman, who is only HALF-Jewish, and on my father’s side to boot, so it barely counts. Wait, what does SJW mean? “Social Justice Warrior?” Then guilty as charged, motherfucker.
  2. I am not oppressed, except in the sense that nobody is free when others are oppressed. (See #1)
  3. My feeble, female mind does not need to “discredit” Heidegger, given that his actual life does a plenty good job of that.
  4. It’s true that I’m not hugely confident about Sein und Zeit; however, I have read Frage nach der Technik and Beiträge zur Philosophie, as well as some other lectures on Humanism, all in the original German. Which I am guessing (?) is more than this guy has?
  5. No thanks. I’d like to stay alive for now, although I do have a lot of work to do today and would rather not do it, so…
  6. Also, comma usage. I do not think it works the way you think it works. But what do I know?

I deleted it from comments, but if you’d like me to “un-trash” it for proof, just let me know.


4 thoughts on “Here’s an actual comment I actually just got.

  1. hm. i think i liked the previous avatar better. what was that lipstick color called? fucsia? it went much better with the notion of the revolution we should all be advocating.

    in all fairness, I once read a few pages of Heidegger, and couldn’t understand a word of it. I considered putting myself out of my misery right there and then, but talked myself out of it.

    so i am convinced that nobody ever understood anything he wrote – including Heidegger himself.


  2. For a moment I forgot that Being and Time was a Heidegger reference (I, you see, have never read it) and thought that was an amazingly bizarre and deep insult for the context. “Someone on the internet doesn’t understand the true nature of existence!!!!”


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