Evanston NIMBY’s “Transient Academics”; U of Akron’s Inflammatory Adjunct-Hating

Somehow I managed to cram mockery and derision of many of my least-favorite things into one teensy 550-word BrowBeat post today:

  1. Neighborhood buttinsky associations and their NIMBY bullshit
  2. Vilification/dehumanization of the poor, homeless and home-insecure
  3. That asshole Vice Provost at U of Akron
  4. Chet Haze

Not bad for a morning’s work, if I do say so myself.


20 thoughts on “Evanston NIMBY’s “Transient Academics”; U of Akron’s Inflammatory Adjunct-Hating

  1. I have a proposal! (Apropos of nothing in particular).

    How about an online “press-conference”, where RS (now that you are a sort-of-celebrity) answers questions from the huddled masses yearning to be free? Don’t know about others, but I have questions. For example:

    1. How do you come up with ideas for all these stories to write? I can see doing one or two – but where do you get the material for two a week, on an ongoing basis? There can’t be THAT many outrages going on on a routine basis. Can there?

    2. Where do you find all the supporting info – e.g., how much money the NC sports program gets from whereever, what rank the CU philanderer-philosopher program is nationwide, that sort of thing. Is it all on the internet, and it’s just a question of googling it?

    And so on. (I have others, less politically correct, but I’ll save them for later)


  2. @George – Perhaps you are not being serious, but just in case – there are so many stories to write about issues in higher ed to keep all of us hoping that Rebecca will keep writing her well-investigated and thought-provoking articles, essays, blogs, tweets, and anything else for centuries to come. And she is far from being the only one to write about problems – look at her articles and posts that reference other writers. They do not need to spend much time casting about for ideas, unfortunately.


    • Actually, I was serious. I’ve always wondered where journalists who aren’t covering a specific item (like the White House) get ideas to write about on a daily or near daily basis.

      RS’s general leitmotif is outrage at the various higher ed injustices – not that there aren’t injustices out there (hell, I can think of many injustices myself! just not related to higher ed…), but I just didn’t realize there were two new injustices a week to write about!


  3. The tuition cost at Northwestern rang a bell for me. I recently looked up the cost of the new Maserati Ghibli (an entry level ultraluxury car, such a weird category) because it was advertised during the Super Bowl. The numbers seemed similar to me, and they are. The cost of the Ghibli is $66,900. Once you factor in books, spending money, room and board, etc, it’s essentially the same cost. Except at least with the car, you pay for a Maserati and get a Maserati. At Northwestern it seems you pay for a Maserati and get a 1992 Buick Skylark.


    • Between you and me, I don’t know who’d buy the Ghibli – it’s a cheap-ass Maserati where everyone who sees it knows that it’s a cheap-ass Maserati. It’s like the Range Rover Evoque – one look at it, and you start laughing at the ridiculousness of it.

      What’s wrong with Northwestern, btw? I always thought it was not a bad school, as Chicago goes. It’s not as if anyone seriously expects an Ivy League education in the Midwest. It’s all about managing expectations


      • ” It’s not as if anyone seriously expects an Ivy League education in the Midwest”

        – I’ve both studied and taught at Ivy League schools and now I’m teaching in the Midwest. And I can assure you that the quality of education we are offering at my state school in Illinois is enormously better than what students get for (at least) 8 times as much at an Ivy. Most people aren’t even aware that 2/3 of all courses offered by Yale College are not taught by professors. They are taught by graduate students and sometimes these courses are not even in those students’ area of specialization. For instance, a grad student with zero background in Jewish Studies was offered to teach a course in the history of Judaism simply because he was Jewish.

        It is entirely possible for a student to go through an entire Bachelor’s program at Yale without ever talking to an actual Yale professor.

        Also, at my Midwestern state school, we have state-of-the-art technology and don’t have to show students movies on a TV set manufactured in 1988, like I had to do at Cornell. And at Yale I had to pay for the photocopies I made for my students because the enormously rich Yale Corporation was too cheap to cover that expense.


      • Yep. Also.
        U Chicago
        Michigan–which is now the best state school system in the US, thanks to California imploding. All absolute top-of-the-top-tier schools. Anyone who knows anything about education knows that. George is my blog’s friendly (sometimes) troll. Just about everything he says is offensive. But he’s here so much that he brings in a lot of ad revenue ;).


  4. Even R1’s rely HEAVILY on contingent faculty. I took a look at the UC Berkeley History Dept. and noted that of the 60 courses offered to undergraduates in the spring of 2014, 27 are taught by TT/tenured professors and 33 by grads, lecturers and visiting (i.e. all “transient and contingent”) faculty.


      • Eh.. ah.. which inflammatory things? I am doing my level best to comply with every rule I am aware of, offend no one, support the goals of the revolution, sympathize with adjuncts, etc., etc. For the life of me, I don’t see what I say that anybody could possibly find objectionable.


      • You are being really dismissive of, and combative about, the quality of education at institutions with which you have no experience. I am not in the mood to argue with anyone today, or in the near future, and I really don’t want to see arguing on my blog right now either.


    • So many injustices, so much to be outraged about! I can’t even imagine how I lived all these years (decades, even), blissfully unaware of the vast barbaric inhumanity piling up all around me.

      If I read any more, I’ll have to up my blood pressure meds – at age 96, one has to pick and choose what one gets worked up about.

      The only thing that helps is knowing that I am only about 1/4 as smart as the rest of the people here – so I only have enough functioning neurons to appreciate some, but not all, the affronts to humanity that are going on out there, even as we speak.


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