Call for Campus Visit Horror Stories!

I am currently writing a piece about that final trial in the faculty job-search Hunger Games: the campus visit. I am soliciting campus-visit horror stories of all sorts, but especially instances in which you, as a candidate, were judged for something completely negligible or random. It is OK if you merely “suspect” this, and even OK-er if you somehow know this for a fact. Have you been on the other side, in a hiring department where your colleagues had a grade-A bat-shit discussion that ruled out perfectly great candidates for the dumbest reasons you have ever heard? Also leave them here. Anonymize anything and everything you want.

Leave stuff in the comments, or email it to me here.

Many thanks, and condolences if you were mistreated!

6 thoughts on “Call for Campus Visit Horror Stories!

  1. Nothing about being ‘judged,’ but I was on a campus visit last week where they seemed to go out of their way NOT to let me see the city. No ‘city tour’ on the agenda. While at dinner, the VP of Academic Affairs mentioned she was selling her house and looking to buy. I asked, “Oh, are you looking here in town?” And she said, “God no. I’d never live in [city name].”

    Way to sell me on the place, folks.


  2. Part of one on-campus 2 years ago was breakfast with a sr. faculty member. The first question he asked me was “how is your personal life?” He then asked me numerous questions about my wife, ex-wife, and son. I had heard he was regularly a jerk to others, but this was my first experience with is inappropriate and rude behavior. And I don’t feel like keeping him anonymous. He’s been a jerk to many for many years and not been called to account for any of it. His name is Bill Race in the dept. of classics at UNC Chapel Hill.


  3. I went on a visit and my only form of transportation was provided by the Search Chair. She was a (self-admitting) horrible driver! Not only did I fear for my life as we hit curbs and missed exits, she also made me extremely carsick. The whole first day I felt “off” just because of the driving from the airport and city tour.


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