Before the Law stands a Developer!

Very happy to share my latest for BrowBeat (Slate‘s culture blog), on the impending Franz Kafka Videogame. What’s got zwei Daumen, speaks at this point questionable German, is currently freezing her questionably-functioning ovaries off (too soon? Is it too soon to make jokes about my own reproductive difficulties, if they cheer me up?) in St. Louis, while she waits for the power to be restored in her house, and is really looking forward to the Franz Kafka Videogame? Yes, it’s dieses ich again. It’s always dieses ich.

5 thoughts on “Before the Law stands a Developer!

  1. You should do whatever makes you feel better and helps you survive. This is your loss and your grief, and nobody can know how you should be dealing with this better than you do.

    And anybody who judges you is a freakazoid and I hate them.


  2. hey, what happened to the revolution? Things were humming along a few days ago, on the revolution front, and then… silence. Even Ukraine is about to have another revolution, for Pete’s sake! While the adjuncts, in the U.S., are sullenly accepting their fate?? Nobody wants to be sipping Chardonnays and getting free manis and pedis in the Members Only Tenured Faculty Lounge?


      • Well!!! The more I read, the more convinced I become that only a radical solution to the bottleneck created by ’60’s radicals (who now occupy all the tenured slots) can possibly work. Let’s face it – they are dinosaurs. Forget their flower-children-ness, even. They are still dinosaurs. They do not deserve those free manis and pedis.

        We need new blood, in tenureland! And we need to wipe out the dinosaurs like it’s 1999 and a big asteroid is about to cause some serious global warming… eh… cooling!


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