Back out on the OPEN ROAD!


The great thing about taking the car on a one-month road trip to California is that you get to watch the landscape open up in front of you and get beautiful as you migrate Westward and contemplate the oneness and openness of life. 

The not-quite-as-great thing is that then, when the inevitable time comes, you’ve got to drive back. 

So, that’s what my husband and I will be doing for the next four days (with a stop to see some family), and thus I am taking a much-needed blog break until the weekend, at which point you will have TWO guest posts, including the TRIUMPHANT RETURN OF ADJUNCT NATE SILVER.

In the meantime, I will let you continue fighting it out about whether or not tenured faculty actually want to do anything about the adjunct crisis if it involves discomfort or risk on their part (which, of course, was the serious undertone of my highly hyperbolic “stop using adjuncts” post yesterday).

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