Clarissa (forgive me)…explains it all, again!

“Tenure lines in German are being closed down, departments of Germanic Studies disappear. This is quite paradoxical since Germany has become the most powerful and rich country in Europe. At the very moment when Germany is gaining – without invading anybody or shooting a single person, which for Germany is a big step forward – the prominence on the world arena that it has been seeking desperately enough to start two world wars, the US decides that Germany has lost all relevance and chooses to stop studying and teaching the German language and culture.”

Just read it. Read it all.

2 thoughts on “Clarissa (forgive me)…explains it all, again!

  1. Most irritating about Gladic, and related to his false premise (that those obtaining jobs are more talented than those not obtaining jobs), is his doctoral institution. Princeton is the single most haughty, smug, self-satisfied institution of higher learning in the USA. It has transformed itself into a factory for media studies which, through the power of institutional affiliation and a generally mystifying mode of inquiry, has created an aura around itself that tricks dimwits like Gladic into believing they’re more qualified than anyone not fashioned in the image of Friedrich Kittler. Eff this moron. In fact, I think it would be hilarious if you challenged him to a public debate. No one knows the labor situation better than you.


    • Not worth it–he’s a total nobody. He’s already attempting to give himself a name by picking on me because he believes that will endear him to bigwigs in the field. Little does he know how many bigwigs in the field are actually (albeit secretly) on my side.


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