So obviously now I’m going back on the job market.

Psych. But I am delighted to report that my academic monograph, KAFKA AND WITTGENSTEIN: THE CASE FOR AN ANALYTIC MODERNISM, has been enthusiastically recommended for publication at Northwestern University Press. It still has to pass acquisitions, where (for a smaller, quasi-academic project at a different press) I’ve been thwarted before, so it’s not a lock, but I am still feeling great.

After Thesis Hatement I got so many nasty attacks on my scholarship and scathing know-it-all screeds about meritocracy and sundry bullshit. Little makes me happier than to prove those people wrong in this tiny but meaningful way. I may never be in academia again, but this book will be the near-imperceptible legacy I leave. Anyone who wants to use Wittgenstein with literature in the future will inevitably come across this book–they may hate it, they may like it, but the seven years of work I did in two disciplines will be there–acquisitions willing–for anyone who wishes to see it.

Thanks to everyone who has refused to give up on me, even when I gave up on everything.



9 thoughts on “So obviously now I’m going back on the job market.

  1. Heartiest congratulations! The book sounds amazing! It is sort of my dream, when I’m inevitably spit out of this awful academic system, to find a way to publish my diss as a book. It’s inspiring to witness your success.


  2. This is excellent news. Congrats³!!!
    Since the thesis hatement piece, i a m very curious to learn more about that mouse and that cat in the labyrinth. I Hope your book will make itsoon.


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