Here’s my latest for Vitae, just in time for the Most Harrowing Time of the Year: PEAK WIKI. If you or anyone you know is a wiki hostage right about now, this goes out to you. Stay strong! Hugs to you all!

9 thoughts on “Wiki-Wiki-Wack

  1. That is so true. It’s the worst time of the year,when I see that each single job for which I applied requested interviews. December is the cruelest month, when I wake up every morning to an empty mailbox and a knotted stomach, wondering what I’m going to do with my life next year.


  2. I decided my first year on the market to ignore the wiki — there just aren’t enough anti-anxiety drugs on earth for me to be able to follow it. 😦


  3. I actually liked the wiki while I was on the market (I still do and still read it even if I’m no longer an applicant). Overall, I’ve found it to be a terrific and properly employed corrective to an employment system that fails to meet basic ethical protocol and etiquette (acknowledgement of receipt, process timetable, outcome). One does occasionally see snark and gossip, but these remarks go mostly unanswered (at least in my field). I’ve also appreciated the red flags that have been raised, such as a spousal hire in my field that was being run as an “open search.”


  4. The culture of the academy, and Literaturwissenschaft in particular, has begun to disgust me so much that I feel numb to the wiki. Going on the market and being forced to market my research to sycophantic fashionistas beholden to [insert theoretical trend du jour] has all but ruined the field for me. What makes it worse is that the aforementioned fashionistas, egotists that they are, confuse their theoretical interests with grander political causes, leading to wildly sanctimonious delusions of self-importance. Sorry for the rant, but I just had a devastating interview that makes me wonder why I’m investing so much effort in joining the ranks of these A-holes in the first place.


      • I might want pointing.

        I find the wiki morbidly interesting. I read it as if I were reading something like US Weekly. I’m not really “one of them,” but I am, but I don’t care because I am numb with anger and depression.


  5. LonelyABD–We’re with you. There are tremendous resources and blogs on the “leaving academia” topic that will help you feel less alone and, at least, see your anger as not only your own (whether or not you finish your dissertation). Also, REACH OUT to many of these bloggers, please don’t isolate yourself. I wish someone would put together a list of therapists that have positively assisted the “post-academic” crowd. I assume they’re out there. Again, there are many of you that are “with you,” OK? Lots of hugs!!!


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