Another Week, Another Set of People Whose Shitlist I Am On

  1. Entrenched academics who believe the Life of the Mind Isn’t For Everyone and the job market is a functioning meritocracy;
  2. Ayn Randian hypercapitalists who think adjuncts should just “get another job” and “Darwin works in mysterious ways”;
  3. Anyone who has attended Sewanee: University of the South;
  4. Knitting enthusiasts (which is kind of a shame because I need some help with a few projects);
  5. Most Redditors;
  6. Wide-eyed graduate students who do not want to believe that anything I say is true;
  7. Whoever has received the #ButtScan;
  8. MOOC hagiographers;
  9. Sad, sad, sad losers who spend all their time on Chronicle of Higher Education message boards and have probably not had live human sex since the first Clinton administration;
  10. ….and, now, administrators at Minnesota State University Moorhead and the University of the District of Columbia, for cutting half their academic programs and leaving their stupid rock climbing walls and overpaid administrators and shitty athletics untouched.

Otherwise known as…sorry this blog has been kinda neglected the past two weeks, my new publication schedule at Slate is rather intense and I am pretty much always cooking up something for them. I’ll have a backlog of curse-filled rage very soon, though, and here it will go. Please keep reading!

9 thoughts on “Another Week, Another Set of People Whose Shitlist I Am On

  1. Wait, are knitters supposed to be mad at you? I must have been busy casting on when that post came out. What are you working on, and what kind of help do you need?


    • Just a select group of knitters. I am trying to make my niece a Christmas stocking. So far so good but that’s just b/c I’m doing the tube part. When it comes time to do the heel I may cry Mayday.


  2. Me thinks the lady doth protest too much…

    Perhaps the problem isn’t all the disparate people complaining about you. Perhaps the problem is the common element in all those complaints.

    Nah, can’t be. You’re a poor, pitiful academic.


  3. and there I was thinking these are all categories you should get badges for …maybe even run your own MOOC, Introduction Ranting as…whatever. There is also a need for instruction in picking less lame and overused quotes; that is, unless Popcorn man, is already too far beyond even Dorothy Parker’s best


    • If you read some of the things those losers write about me, you’d assume, as I do, that they have been too busy Internetting to have human contact since 1993. They were probably in the first chat room ever. They’re probably still in there.


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