Slated for World Domination!!!

The Internet probably hit Peak Schuman several months ago (maybe in February, before I even started publishing again), but that seems not to bother my valiant editor Dan Kois, and the powers that be at Slate, as they have seen fit to make me a weekly columnist on education issues. My first column is about MOOCs, specifically about Teutonic Doucheprinz Sebastian Thrun and his company, Udacity, “pivoting” toward oblivion.

The goal of my column is to speak up for those who lack power (adjuncts and others on the receiving end of exploitation), speak acidic truth to those who have too much (Silicon Valley code-bros and the “disruption” the fanboys who can barely contain their boners when writing about them), and rake as much muck as I can get my hands on.

Accordingly, if you have any tips, stories, issues or other things you’d like to see featured in the next year, please email me, as I would love to include as much of you as possible in this new venture.

I’m extremely grateful to Slate for affording me this platform. The last time I had something this consistent, it was in The L Magazine, in New York, IN PRINT (!!!), and I got paid exactly zero dollars for it (but they also let me write whatever I wanted and didn’t edit me). I will not squander the opportunity too badly.

7 thoughts on “Slated for World Domination!!!

  1. Congratulations! I love Slate, and your column seems like a great way to explore various transitions occurring in higher education today. In terms of suggestions, etc for things to feature, I would love to see something about allies (for lack of a better term) for adjuncts in the academy. I am starting a TT position next fall, and I’m excited about that but also mindful of the craziness of the job market and the dwindling number of TT positions and the over-reliance on adjuncts, lecturers, etc. As an asst professor, I recognize that I have little (read: no?) power despite being in a privileged position and I am struggling with reconciling those two things. I’m happy to discuss this more if you’re interested.


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