8 thoughts on “#ButtScan Champion Crowned!

  1. Hooray! Dear Anonymous Butt-Scan Championship Winner — you are the vanguard (rearguard?) of change in academe.
    Rebecca — Your blog is a gift to the world. All the rage and frustration I experienced during two failed years on the job market … this morning I somehow feel vindicated.


      • You should see the kind of WOE IS SEARCH COMMITTEE ME screeching going on in the CHE forums about this. No awareness that expecting so much of candidates in the first round is a cruel and dehumanizing practice. NONE.


      • Ha! Because of the laws of supply and demand, search committees can have extraordinarily high criteria in a variety of categories. We just need to be sure to remember that hiring a human being into a job is different than buying a house or a car. (Doesn’t help that a Dean was comparing tenure candidates to used cars not too long ago.)


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