Technical Difficulties

Is this happening to anyone else? A reader sent this in–and it may complicate the November Butt Scan Challenge (forget NaNoWritMo, AcWritMo, Movember–it’s all about AcButtScanMo).


6 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties

  1. I just spit coffee on my IPad. Have you ever thought about going into stand-up comedy (another wonderfully paid, easy to be successful profession)? I am not kidding, this is comedy gold. There might be a niche for academic comedy routines.


    • I totally agree. Oh, man, it is gold. I’m sure we all have terrific bits that, if put together, could generate one hell of a comic hour. Rebecca could put out three HBO specials in the next three months! I think all of us (at least I know I do) actually have a few skits in our heads. 20 of us doing 5 minute bits…priceless.


  2. I’d like to see a book of sardonic, bitter, grim-laughter accounts by the many of us who have suffered in academia.


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