November Challenge: SEND YOUR BUTT to a search committee!

by Rebecca Schuman

I made this offer on teh Twittarz today, and I re-iterate it here:

Any job marketer who can provide documented proof that s/he sent a scan of his/her butt as “evidence of teaching excellence” will receive $100 via PayPal, from me.


  1. It MUST be an actual academic position in your discipline, for which you are qualified but for which you chose not to apply for one reason or another.
  2. You MUST have the degree necessary to be considered for this position, in the correct discipline (yes, I know, my butt contest has a barrier to entry).
  3. You must provide proof that you did this somehow. This includes BCC’ing me on an email, or actual CC’ing me on real-mail with a tracking number so that I can check the receipt of the original. 
  4. I will do this for up to two people, which equals roughly the amount of money one piece of legitimate journalism pays me. First-scanned, first served.


  1. Your butt scan may be cleverly wedged in a set of evaluations, so that it is possible your search committee won’t even see it
  2. Your butt scan can be smaller than actual size (I know I’d have to do this to fit it in any envelope or on any regular sheet of paper).
  3. Your butt scan can be otherwise disguised so as to “sneak it in,” but still MUST be recognizable as a butt. I will be the final arbiter of butt-image accuracy, no appeals.

Is anyone brave/cynical/reckless enough to do this? 

We’ll see…