Northeastern Kids Gettin’ Silly, Fighting for Adjunct Rights!

I LOVE these kids. What they lack in pitch, they make up for in enthusiasm and labor awareness. It brings tears to my eyes that these students a) even know what an adjunct is, and b) care enough to act like total dildos in public to raise awareness. Hat tip to the tireless Robin J. Sowards (Duquense U super-organizer) for bringing this to my attention!

One thought on “Northeastern Kids Gettin’ Silly, Fighting for Adjunct Rights!

  1. Awesome!!!

    It cracks me up that one of the biggest and most prestigious state university systems (the one I work for) has launched a “my university campaign” asking everyone, including adjuncts, to contribute funds for the university. The claim is that money will go to “student scholarships” but somehow that doesn’t fully convince me. But even if that’s the case…really? They are asking adjuncts for money?? Can you believe it??? When it comes to fundraising, adjuncts are, all of a sudden, “part of the community.” But, if they want benefits? A decent salary? A dignified office? Not much community talk then.

    I have to note: the dept. program that hired me has stretched current laws to the extreme in order to help me–to the extent that the system allows, I give them an A+ for the treatment I’ve received.

    I really think the students in this video are very brave. Real change in the labor conditions of adjunct faculties will only change if students and their families become active in the quest for a fairer university system, i.e. have them take their business wherever employment justice is applied (yeah, I know, but where?). I guess one would have to start from slim pickins’, but either way: not only do adjuncts need to unionize, but they also have to launch very public campaigns and have students/families become strong and vocal allies who put their $ where their mouth is. Plus, well-deserved public shaming can also play a role (a profound nod/bow to Rebecca here for her work(.

    Undergraduates need to understand that their tenured professor, who lectures about “medieval feudalism and caste,” is a beneficiary of a 20th century counterpart system that exploits that other instructor of theirs, the one who taught them the awesome course in lit/history, which they call “the best” or “one of the best” of their entire academic years at U of Exploitation. This instructor has consistently ranked as the best teacher, or in the top few, year after year (some for a couple of decades at this point)..

    In addition, many adjunct faculty members have impressive, quality scholarship whose “numbers” might not be as copious as those of TT faculty. Darn, caught me there. Oh, but Wait. If one takes a closer look, it turns out that the adjunct faculty’s scholarship is oftentimes far more substantive, probing and in–depth than the voluminous BS churned out by the “publish and perish” crowd. TT scholarship is not so dazzling when you realize that the same article has been published in three separate journals (with modified titles and one half-assed argumentative variation), presented at two conferences, discussed in three workshops and summarized into two encyclopedia entries).


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