Gadding About on the Tandem for Cancer Research

Quickly, here are some photos from this past Sunday’s Pedal the Cause (I’m done riding, but you can still donate to my ride!), in which my husband and I did a very easy 25-miler around St. Louis to raise $645 and counting for the Siteman Cancer Center here. Many extremely kind blog readers donated to this ride, which was so incredibly moving. I don’t know many of you, but you have my undying gratitude nonetheless.

2013-10-06 09.02.51

Here we are at the start, with the tandem. We thought our tandem would be the star of the show, but there was a guy in a full Thor costume (complete with hammer) a few bikes over, who deservedly got all the attention. Plus there were three other tandems.

2013-10-06 09.03.12

At the starting line, on a staggeringly crisp morning. Still no shot of Thor. What’s wrong with me?

2013-10-06 09.19.29

Back-of-the-tandem’s eye view of the highway closed off to cars, open to bikes. FOUR WHEELS BAD TWO WHEELS GOOD, MOTHERFUCKERS.

2013-10-06 10.16.14

At the 12.5 mile turnaround point, a very chichi “country day school” out in the County. This was after about five miles on Ladue Road, which has zero sidewalks, imposing private streets with special-fonted privately-funded signs, and multimillion dollar Estates instead of houses. Less than six miles away as the crow flies is some of the most crippling poverty in the United States. But don’t worry, we got our revenge on Ladue: at one point the speed limit on Ladue Rd was 30, and we can get the tandem going really fast on a a downhill. If there had been a cop nearby, he would have ticketed us for speeding. On a bicycle. “It is seriously my dream to get ticketed for speeding on my bike,” admits my husband. I worry, worriedly, about his daily bike commute and its relative velocity.

2013-10-06 12.07.37

After the finish–notice our “medals” (they are commemorative keychains). We had a surprisingly good time eating barbecue (my husband even broke his veganism and ate chicken and pulled pork, what the fuck? I had a bite of chicken and found it weird), peoplewatching the other riders, drinking hot tea (it was a chilly afternoon), and deciding that next year we will definitely do the 50, 75 or Century.

BONUS: A Random List of Some of the Tandem Jokes we Heard:

  • “Dude, she is TOTALLY carrying you!” (an innovative one, actually, as it is usually the Stoker, or Rear Admiral, always the smaller rider, who is the butt of most jokes)
  • “That’s CHEATING! You’ve got twice the horsepower!” Me: “Not the way I ride we don’t.”
  • “She’s not pedaling back there!” (impossible, as tandem riders  pedal in unison). Me: “I’m pedaling on the INSIDE.”

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