Job Ad Grade (singular), Sept. 27

This week, there was exactly one (eins!) job added in German studies, and apparently its ideal “fit” will be in possession of demonstrated teaching ability, specialization in distance learning, a proven record of securing outside funding, and a time machine.

Texas Tech U. Texas Tech seeks a Germanist “specializing in early twentieth-century literature and culture, including Holocaust studies.” You know, all those things that happened in the early 20th Century, like the Holocaust.

4 thoughts on “Job Ad Grade (singular), Sept. 27

  1. Okay, definitely worth commenting on. As in, seriously? I love the folding in of literature and culture into Holocaust studies as part of a larger odd periodization. Since the Holocaust is best known for the impressive production of literature and culture during the Final Solution program. (Yes, I know there was literature and culture produced during this time, and I do teach about it, in case anyway feels the need to make that point – but I don’t think this is TT’s intention.)


    • RIGHT? This ad was definitely written by someone who is not familiar with our discipline’s periodization conventions. Say what you want about those conventions, but if you’re looking for a tenure-track scholar, you might want to show that you know they exist.


  2. I fear worse. Might it not have been written by a committee…. who all see the early 20th C. as everything, say, before 1945? Or make it really even and go with 1950? Of course, I may be wrong, and this may be a rocking group of people ready to shed all those pesky ideas about dates – it has been done before, even with success. Although I don’t know that I have seen this happen through a job ad. Still, why not? 😉


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