Get ready…

…a new JIL comes out tomorrow, and with it new Job Ad Grades.

WHICH R-1 institution is sure to hire someone already on the tenure track?

WHICH SLAC is in an area nobody but a man married to a non-working spouse can move?

WHICH ad was obviously written by a dean?

WHICH ad was obviously the result of a seven-hour meeting between four people who palpably hate each other?


I don’t really know. I’m not the fucking Oracle of Delphi. But I will be subjecting whichever ads I choose to heaping ridicule in my continuing effort to demystify and disarm the job-market process. I also have a new post going up on Slate’s BrowBeat blog soon on the Kant Kerfuffle in Russia (will link), and my first column for Vitae will be setting FULLPROF hearts aflutter this coming Monday! Shit is busy! For someone barely employed, I sure do have a lot going on. *Passes out.*

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