Keine Sorgen Deutsch, ich rette dich sofort!

“Don’t worry German, I’LL SAVE YOU!”

Perhaps that is a little over-ambitious, but the sentiment is real. My latest for the Chronicle of Higher Ed, out today, is “Don’t Ditch Deutsch” (sag’s 5 mal schnell!), in which I suggest emphasizing the practical benefits of reading Kleist, Goethe, Jelinek and Kafka. The piece is paywalled right now, but that may change, especially if it gains in popularity (HINT HINT).

UPDATE AUG 22! HERE is a 24-hour paywall-free link that my editor gave me to promote the article. KLICKEN SIE! CLICK WHILE THE CLICKING IS GUT!

Unlike some of the rantier offerings in the Schouevre, this piece–though it has its jabs at the Old Academe Stanleys among us–is largely positive and solutions-based.

Although, come to think of it, it does proclaim my field “up Scheiße creek.” It also contains references to the Hunger Games, Monty Python and Derek Zoolander, just to demonstrate what a mighty intellectual I am. If you can, please read it, because it’s extremely dear to my heart and very important to me (you will see why in the coming weeks if things go the way I very much hope they might).

If you can’t access it, please consider begging the Chronicle to lift the paywall for a few weeks, something I normally would never, nerver, ehvar, want, but for this one, I badly want as many people from outside academia to read it as possible.

Vielen Dank, meine Lieben!

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