4 thoughts on “Meritocrats and Lifeboaters, from Werner Herzog’s Bear

  1. I so miss WHB’s “I used to be… but now…” blog, will former CNN reporter Patricia Sagba be interviewing you and WHB for the al-Jazeera America piece on academic labor? Those would definitely be interviews I’d like to see and bet others would too. Catching the same adjunct portavoces saying the same thing (sometime word for word) every time gets tiresome.

    Contact Patricia Sabga directly at patricia.sabga@aljazeera.net

    According to Karen Kelsky and Josh Boldt, it’s an open call. http://adjunct.chronicle.com/adjuncts-on-tv/


  2. Considering the relative power of our blogs, I think you’re the one giving me the plug! Thanks again.

    @Vanessa: Was there something about my old blog that’s missing on the new one? I’ve tried to be less angry and political, perhaps that’s not how I operate best.


    • WHB – the blogs are different. You’re a different person now, happier, that’s a plus far outweighing reader satisfaction. Mellower and observing from the outside balances observations for the better. You kept the name – you’re still the bear

      I’m not embedded in higher ed anymore either, but in other ways I am even more so, blogging and tending social media for NFM. Your posts from Texas spoke to conditions where bluntness and anger were in order and appropriate but too rarely let loose. They served me well, expressed what I knew others felt, were thinking but dared not express. Occasionally shared posts to the adj-l list spooked the folk there. Now I see the anger coming out more and more ~ about time too.


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