Great Googley-Moogley, it’s Irony

Western Governors University, the subject of this very deserved screed, is now part of the WordAds on this blog (I made the dubious decision to “monetize” some weeks ago, in my continuing effort to embrace Hypercapitalizm before it throttles me to death). 

I deserve this. I really, really deserve this.

4 thoughts on “Great Googley-Moogley, it’s Irony

    • I talked about that at length on Facebook and Twitter. Mostly I admire her ability to carve out her own path in her total sausage fest of a field. I don’t think her situation is applicable outside her field or the milieu of ultra elite institutions in great cities, though. Since I’ve never been TT and never will, nor will the vast majority of American faculty, I’m not sure how much her (still rather miserable sounding) life should serve as a model. I did LOL at “the smartest and coolest people ever.” Yeah, academia is where ALL the cool people are. What did you think, as a FULLPROF?


      • I thought, it was good she decided not to live in fear and not to put off fun.

        I thought thinking of it as a 7-year postdoc was a good idea — although it is easy to come to that conclusion at an Ivy because that *is* what a TT job at one is, normally. You KNOW you will not make tenure and that it will not be a comment on you, and that can be very freeing, I think. Still, thinking of it that way could be therapeutic for all in that it is the opposite of the desperate way one is normally expected to think on the TT.

        I thought, it was good there was no bump in her road — people deciding to be her enemy or something — because then this whole plan would not have worked.

        Smartest and coolest people ever, that just means she doesn’t get out much, or hasn’t … or only knows really boring people otherwise. Or that she hasn’t met any boring faculty, and there are many such.

        I didn’t read closely enough to figure out she had unhappy life, but am now curious.


  1. OK. My insight on it is: everyone seems to think R1 are the *hardest* places to work. NOW I understand why all the advice is on how to get tenure at R1. I just disagree, my experience is that life is easiest at those places, and I think she has a very privileged situation.


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