Grad Caucus Chronicle Interview with YOURS TRULY

Thank you very much to Darrah Joy Lustig and the editors of the Grad Caucus Chronicle–the official and brand-new publication of the Graduate Student Caucus of the Modern Languages–for interviewing me for the inaugural issue. I agonized over those questions for over a week, and wrote and rewrote those answers a bajillion times (so all those swear words, including the one I made up, “chickenshittery,” are carefully cultivated).

I tried to name-check every post-ac and alt-ac who has helped me in the past few amazing months, but if I left you out, it’s only because I wanted to cut this motherfucker down from the 5000 words it once was! Please know that even if I didn’t manage to cite you, I am always citing you in here (points to heart). I am hoping that this interview helps flesh out my reasons for going post-ac bat-shit a little bit, and that it also shows my deep commitment to the well-being and future of every modern-language graduate student out there, even the ones who hate my guts. I am really looking forward to future issues of the GCC, and am so moved that today’s humanities graduate students seem to be getting savvier about their futures and about the agency they have over themselves and their own feelings of worth. A big You Go Glen Coco to all of you, and thank you again.

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