Here’s Your Damn Chart.

There was a raging asshole in my comments a few months ago who demanded a regression analysis to go along with my insistence that the academic labor market is ludicrous. Here is your damn chart. It is damning. 35%. Thirty. Five. And a huge portion of that 35% is adjuncting so it shouldn’t even count. Those numbers cannot be spun. That shit is bleak. The end.

2 thoughts on “Here’s Your Damn Chart.

  1. Rebecca: Every student in a humanities department needs to read this blog, especially entering PhDs who suffer from cognitive dissonance about the job market. I applaud your courage, despite the constant and often personal criticism thrown at you, in saying things humanities PhD programs conceal from their students while at the same time assigning backbreaking teaching loads and poverty-level stipends. After two years on the job market (and a prestigious post-doc), it is clear to me I will not end up with a tenure-track faculty position, a realization that was initially heartbreaking but now seems full of possibilities. I will continue to read your blog with interest as I plan a future outside academe. Please know a lot of us (silent lurkers) draw much inspiration from how incredibly brave you have been in sharing your story.


    • Thank you for such a great comment. I hope you are finding, as I have, that once you’re not in academia anymore, the socialization does wear off. I’m actually really glad I wrote about it in the short time between worlds when the cognitive dissonance had worn off but everything was still fresh. Now, I’d have a harder time conjuring up any of the images and feelings that even two months ago were clear as day.


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