Ocular proof.


The view from my kitchen table, finally more rewarding than the view of Keith Olbermann's giant head on my computer screen.


The view from my office desk onto the roof of the Uni-Hauptgebäude and miscellaneous elements of the first and second districts. Otherwise known as "no longer reflecting the total and utter despair of humanity back at me, thanks to a little blue sky." Miraculous.


Apparently, if you drink enough Erdbeerbowle and eat enough Krapfen, Jesus himself will resurrect out of these eggs! Also, five minutes after I took this picture it rained again. Also, there was a giant rabbit on display, but none of the photos I took of her had anything to show for scale (except her babies, which were the size of full-grown regular rabbits, but NOBODY BELIEVES ME), so I'm not going to show them here.


Blossoming trees at Sigmund-Freud-Park, from inside the 44 tram, a place I find myself less and less the better the weather gets (but I still try to ride the tram at least once every day, simply because it's fun. I hope to have a tram-only photo album before I leave, where I try to ride as many trams in one day as I can and go to the weirdest places they'll go).

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