In an effort to keep up with the kiddies, I have developed their attention span as well.

As you may or may not have noticed via the sidebar directly to the right of this text, I have, reluctantly at first, joined the ranks of the Twits. I say reluctantly at first because from the moment I started following Shaq, my life was changed in the way most born-again fundies' are changed when they develop a personal and passionate and not at all (homo)erotic relationship with Christ. Therefore I passive aggressively encourage you NOT to follow me on Twitter* as my ability to create full-length blog posts continues to dissolve along with my ability to formulate a correct and compelling English sentence. One might think this meant I was now immensely good at German, but one would be raising one's expectations too high in that case.

*and if you "follow" me then perhaps I shall also "follow" you and then we can creepily and passively "know" each other in the same way that I now "know" Shaq.

One thought on “In an effort to keep up with the kiddies, I have developed their attention span as well.

  1. I heartily support the atheist Sunday school, and am glad to know the World Health Organization is on board. You could be the next Rudolf Steiner (except, you know, rational), Schuman the Humanist. Let me know if you need any custom made wooden sets of evolutionary biologists, puzzles of geological strata, puppet theaters of the absurd, etc.


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