You know what is great to do in a doomsday economy? Buy useless overpriced crap.

Which is why I have decided this is exactly the right moment to start selling utterly ridiculous t-shirts.
They are really overpriced and for that I am sorry, but CafePress is the only thing I can afford right now (i.e. no dough up front and these are mostly a joke anyway). I get $1 for every shirt ($2 for some of the kiddie ones, because people with children deserve to be punished. Just kidding).  Here is a sample graphic from one:


The "line" is called Citations Required Clothing.1 

For example, while most people would probably be able to recognize Russell and Wittgenstein in this one (my personal fave part is Russell's pipe), only the most diehard philosophy-head might recognize the august figure on the top left.

Anyway, I mostly did this for my own amusement, since I doubt anyone has 20 big ones to go blowing on obscure apparel, but hey, what the hell.

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