Resolutions at New-Year Time Part Six

by Franz Kafka (here be parts One, Two, Three, Four and Five for a Fun Flashback to My Youth, I mean Kafka's Youth)

EINS. Compose and mail letter to The Future re: Derrida being total jagoff.


. Finally, finally, once and for all–no procrastinating this time–finish last edits on ending to Das Schloss, where K. develops a passionate and personal relationship with Jesus Christ and they consummate this relationship on the very same pub-floor where he and Frieda met all those many months ago. Will be controversial but avant-garde book.

III. Start Blog Grudge Match with Karl Kraus–guy obviously has way too much time on his hands.


THREE TIMES ONE PLUS ONE. Stop dreaming about buying ear-flattening cosmetic procedure on credit. There's a recession on now, and if I want to stop looking like Will Smith/The Brain, I have to save up to do it.


Either get married once and for all, to a lady, or admit, once and for all, that am gay. Or, in Mass., Conn. and various European countries that are not Austro-Hungary circa 1915, do both.

SECHS. Invest in aeroplanes. Combines love of aeroplanes with love of investing (asbestos factory not doing so well, so need to broaden portfolio).

REZ THE SEVENTH.  Tell Brod that the mustache makes him look like Kaiser Wilhlem at a Cabaret and that it is not "working" for him.


#8. Tell Felice that she would look a lot more attractive if she were a man.

IX.  Give "In der Strafkolonie" new title, "Pallin' Around With Magical Looks Into The Future About Fascism–You're Welcome, Anachronistic Theorists!"

LAST.  Create addendum to Letter to Future re: Foucault.


One thought on “Resolutions at New-Year Time Part Six

  1. My New Year’s resolution is to have a bunch of your Kafka babies.
    Oh, and could you add another addendum re: Benjamin? Does not mean looking very far into future, but ya know.


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