Happy Jesus Day, Everyone!


As symbolic penance for my Blagojevich/Rahm Emanuel-style rant about Advent yesterday (in unrelated news: thanks so much to family and friends, especially Patricia, Jess, Syd, my dad and Eric Zass for all the support in the Great Advent Debacle of Advent Ought Eight) I thought I’d post this peace offering with Christmas. This is, of course, Ralphie “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out” Parker, after saying “fuck” (“the Queen of Dirty Words!”). I wonder what kind of cancer-causing dyes that soap has.

Anyway, to my Christmas celebrating loved ones: enjoy your bullshit holiday! Oh, man, I did it again. Back to the soap.

Let’s try this one more time. Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night…of bullshit.

All right, it’s a lost cause.

Frohe Festtage, everyone!!!!

2 thoughts on “Happy Jesus Day, Everyone!

  1. Jesus died for your sins, biatch! Or we killed him. Or something like that. Seriously, can I come stay with you? I need to vacate the country ASAP. If I’m depressed in Miami, may as well be depressed in Europe????


  2. You are welcome anytime, Steph, though my apartment–which has a shower in the kitchen, and a toilet I have to share with my neighbors (a cleaning lady scrubs it down twice a week, but still…)–would probably require years of therapy.


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