President-Elect Obama! President-Elect Obama! President-Elect Barack Humothertruckingssein Obama II!

Sorry, ahem, needed a little pick me up there.

I've been feeling bleak about the CA gay marriage ban. Understandably, as it's attempting to codify bigotry into my state's constitution. But there was a very encouraging editorial in the NYT today, that basically says: look, change is painful and takes awhile. The Voting Rights Act was signed in 1965 and itnerracial marriage wasn't legal in 1967. Forty years later, we have elected a biracial President of the United States. The Stonewall uprising was in the late 60s and being gay has only been even marginally socially acceptable to so-called "mainstream America" for two decades (I will always love you, Harvey Milk, and someday you will not have died in vain)–so I can only hope, all I have now is hope (the AUDACITAH of it, shall we say) that equality on the basis of sexual orientation can be foisted upon this nation in the next decade–foisted and forced, like it was in the 50s with Brown v. Board, because that is what our courts are for: doing what is right for oppressed people when mob rule wants to keep them oppressed. Without the courts, I wouldn't have been able to vote for Barack Obama and against Prop 8, and my friends of color would still be drinking from separate drinking fountains and maybe not even be my friends. It sickens me to think that the nation is not "ready" for equal rights for gays and I want to echo the words of Gavin and say FUCK YOU (he didn't say that, he said "it's happening whether you want it or not"). It's time to MAKE the nation ready for equal rights for gays–which I think is going to happen with the passing of the next generation. Yes, I know, it is heartbreaking to think of so many people of color voting in favor of stripping away another group's rights because of their religious convictions, but I must remind myself that the deeply felt religiosity of many members of America's ethnic minorities comes from a history of oppression I cannot myself understand. I can only hope that the much-vaunted Transitive Property of Oppression begins to apply across the people-of-color/gay divide (what better way than to start with heightened visibility of our out and proud people of color friends?) SOON, with the oft-maligned fierce urgency of now that got us to elect Barack in the first place. I know that Barack is not himself homophobic and I do not fault him for throwing social justice issues to the side in order to get elected–judging from California alone, I can't imagine we'd have President-Elect Obama (!!!) if he'd run on a platform even a millimeter more to the left than he already did–but now that he is on his way to the White House, I beg him: President-Elect Obama (!!!), please do whatever you can in office to advance equal rights for gays, starting with what you have already done on the campaign trail, which was oppose Prop 8.

All right, that's my incoherent buzz-harshing for the day. Although dwelling on the loss of my friends' rights is not really a buzz-harsh. But I digress. Anyway, UNLIKE with a President-Elect McCain and a VP Biggest Idiot in the Fucking World (for proof see: "Wait, I thought Africa WAS a country!") Oh My Jeebus H Brisket am I Glad You Didn't Get Elected And I Can Feel My Powers of Speech Returning Already, we have at very least someone coming to the White House who is willing to listen to us, "especially when we disagree," and who believed that Prop 8 was discriminatory and wrong, and who HIMSELF believes that only the penis-in-vagina crowd should get married but would never support imposing that belief upon another. And so I have hope that under a President Obama (!!!!!!!!) we have the potential to advance the cause of gay civil and human rights equality, and that the NO YOU CAN'T bullshit of California was the result of a horrendous non-Californian-led ad blitz that scared the easily scared into believing untruths about teaching Kindergartners what a "top" is and was unmatched by an opposition electorate spread thin by our support for stopping another term of Republican rule. So it is with that success–ours, Obama's–that I can feel nine-tenths jubliant to be an American and Californian today, because I am pretty damn sure the "change fever," unlike The Gay, is catching.


3 thoughts on “President-Elect Obama! President-Elect Obama! President-Elect Barack Humothertruckingssein Obama II!

  1. I saw a screening of the new Gus Van Sant “Milk” yesterday, with Sean Penn as Harvey Milk. It was kind of hard to watch, given everything that’s happened. Like, I started crying or nearly crying during all the happy scenes when they were celebrating gay rights victories (there’s a whole, eerily topical storyline where they’re fighting to defeat the anti-gay Prop. 6). And I’m sure that wasn’t actually the filmmakers’ intent, for the happy stuff to make me feel sad.
    Still, I agree, the gay rights movement is very young, and our new mission should be to make all our black and latino gay friends come out. Or, you know, turn them gay.


  2. As a Californian living with a German in the Netherlands, because I have no right to live with her in the US (yes, forced to live in Europe…oh the humanity), I can only say thank you, thank you, thank you for this post. I have been looking for reaction since Weds., and not finding much outside the normal sources. Surely having a former law professor intimately familiar with civil rights issues as president will be a good thing, certainly considering the Supreme Court in the near future. At any rate, we will have a first lady that can drop to her knees while hula hooping. Nicht schlecht.
    In general, fuck yeah!


  3. Hm… seemed to have missed all of these posts from the last few months (serves me right for relying on FB updates), so here’s a belated “Fuck Yeah!!!!” of affirmation to what you wrote here.


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