Too tired to sleep, too tired not to sleep

I've been trying to sleep for the past 3 hours. I must still be jacked up on election jitters, I don't know. But I'm too tired to write anything cool or coherent here, either. So instead, everyone just gets:

President-Elect Obama.
President-Elect Obama.
President-Elect Obama.

I am going to love using that in sentences for the next three months. Sentences such as: "I wish President-Elect Obama would urge Gov. Schwarzenegger not to sign into law–that is, to veto, or whatever Gubernatorial Macht has in Kalifornien–the bigoted gay marriage ban that passed in California because a bunch of fucking Mormons who don't even live in California decided it was their business who gets to marry whom for reasons I cannot fucking fathom," for example.

More when/if I finally get some rest.

One thought on “Too tired to sleep, too tired not to sleep

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