the 2008 election will be a referendum, all right…

…on this country's astounding level of idiocy. Will this level be EVEN MORE ASTOUNDING than I fear it is? Will we really elect McSchizo and George W. Bush with Titties? Yes, that's right, I called Sarah Palin George W. Bush with titties. But at least they are, so I've heard, very nice titties.

I have "experience" governing three quarters of HumCore, which I think is about the same size as Alaska, so I'm wondering why John McCain didn't call ME. We have a lot in common, he and I; for example, we both like to use the word "cunt" even though it is a very nasty and misogynistic word (I, being a woman, feel it is one of the few pieces of hate speech I "own" and thus I "work" it).

My long-lost friend Erika put it best when she referred to this dynamic duo as "John McDouche and the Lunch Lady." MUCH better than my previous epithet of McSchizo and GWBw/T, but perhaps not as good as "PTA C U Next Tuesday" which I am afraid is going to get my Fulbright taken away so I might even delete what I just wrote.

One thought on “the 2008 election will be a referendum, all right…

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