HRC needs to re-read Orwell

Defeat is Victory in Clintonville, apparently.
Like many Democrats or Democratesque people, I used to really like HRC. Not just because conservatives hated her so much (though that really was great), and not just because her husband’s reign ushered in eight years of (relative) peace and (comparative) prosperity. I understood that she was more conservative than I am and figured hey, most of America is moderate and we deserve moderate leadership. I fell out of love with HRC when she voted for the war in Iraq, like many of us did, and the out-of-love-ness has grown into full-blown despondence at this point after her campaign has resorted to pandering (the gas-tax holiday), pandering ("hard-working Americans, white Americans") and even more pandering (now to Michigan and Florida, whose voters understand that they did not personally authorize breaking party rules but that they knew what was going to happen to them if their states did). All of the things right-wingers hate about her I still like, and I always said that the best thing about having her as President would be to watch Fox News have to refer to her as "President Clinton" for eight years, but the fact is that her aggressive wooing of America’s most racist demographic shows a kind of divisive ugliness that I do not want associated with my party. I do believe that everything will turn out OK, that EVENTUALLY she will see what every other human being in the entire universe sees, that this contest, close as it was, is lost to her but that the greater good will prevail and the warmongering, fearmongering, hatemongering, country-destroying, world-destroying regime that has held us all in its godawful grip for the last eight years will fall with a resounding squashy THUD this November, with all the disenchanted right-wing scaremongers begrudgingly "prostest voting" against Obama (you see how well that worked for us with John Kerry, insert Nelson HA ha laugh here) and then scuttling back to their perverted gospel and xenophobia-powered McMansions and cursing us all as even their lives improve. But in order to get to that place, HRC needs to do the classy thing and step the fuck aside. The woman is just pure delusion at this point and it’s saddening more than anything else.

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