Here is a list of new nicknames for my roommate Jason’s weird cat, who has the miraculous ability to do forward somersaults (but refuses to do so on camera…YET. I’m still working on it. Crazy-person meow special bonus):

  1. Mary Lou Kitten
  2. Kitty Strug
  3. Olgato Korbut
  4. Nadia Comeownici

And they say my vast, massive, abyss-sized intellect is being wasted in graduate school…


2 thoughts on “if you don’t get the password, you’ll miss out on erudition like this

  1. You would freak out to see this–I will really try to videotape it, though she is being a HUGE diva about the camera. Sheesh. Stupid cat won’t be exploited for my amusement.


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