I’ve entered the Age of Paranoia

In approx. two Earth Weeks, Pan Kisses Kafka is going PASSWORD PROTECTED, people (or rather, "Dad"). I have been faced with an unbearable dilemma–that is, either take the whole thing down and lose whatever record of 2003 till now of my sad little life that I have, OR leave it up and face utter humiliation on the academic job market if I am ungodly lucky enough to be Googled by a potential employer and they see this FUCK FUCK SHIT FUCKETY FUCK FUCK I HATE EVERYTHING BLAH and realize that I am immature and then I will have to go back to be a professional TV watcher except I am also blackballed from that place. Anyway, if you want access to Pan Kisses Kafka, please email me and I will add your name to a list and email you with the password, which I will probably change again right before I go on the job market in a year and a half (what can I say, I think ahead). The next 18 months promise a rarely-updated but fascinating journey to the Olde Kontinente and a return to somewhere that isn’t Irvine. Chances are for the first three months in Vienna (or two, before I am mercifully joined by PA) I will be terribly lonely and make a lot of entries–plus we have my brother’s upcoming wedding (in July), my ever-sooner-creeping departure from Irvine…there’s a lot of fascinating/banal shit in store, so if you want to read about it, email me (you can find my email by clicking on the "about" link and clicking on the "email me" link); I can’t put it on this page because of OH MY GOD THE SPAM when I do. Once I have all five of you on record I will password protect away.

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