I am COMFORTABLE with my veg-out-ness, now pass the Cheetos

Except don’t pass the Cheetos.

Every few weeks I just kind of crap out on Friday; I spend the morning working on my papers and crank them out again for a few hours in the evening, but during the day I SERIOUSLY VEG. I watch terrible TV. I spend three hours shopping for luggage I may or may not buy. I eat vegan pudding and chocolate-covered almonds and stare at the ceiling. I squirt water in the general direction of Jason’s cat so that she doesn’t come in my room and swell my eyes shut. Jason is my new roommate who moved in about a week ago and so far it’s going great; he is my friend and it is nice to have a friend to talk to at home, but he also minds his business studying French crap all day long and doesn’t seem to mind it when I hole up in my room vegging for no apparent reason. I would like to offer excuses as to why I need to veg for one day every 14 days: I turned in another dissertation chapter! Seminar this week was hard! My students are KILLING ME. Etc. But I realize just now that my current vegging is actually exactly like how most of my fellow Americans spend every day. So give me my stimulus check! Ha.

Speaking of which (and yes, this is going to be one of my "stream-of-consciousness" entries so if you are trying to find a common thread, stop trying right now), I got THE weirdest student paper yesterday. This kid has been a student of mine all year, I adore him; he always does his reading, he is a fantastic critical thinker (the majority of the time, as we will see), and he is devoutly religious, which despite my own nondevout nonreligion (and that’s not an oxymoron; I am nondevout in my areligiousity; I am just a walking acceptor of ambiguity, take that Spiro Agnew!) I really admire. His papers are usually nuanced and thoughtful and incredibly topical. Which makes the Antigone paper I read yesterday–which spend 2 pages talking about how awesome the Bush administration is I AM NOT KIDDING–has really blown my mind. I could get fired if I talked about it in detail (FERPA, I respect thee!), but if you would like vague details feel free to email me privately because it is really interesting.

I can’t figure this out IN GENERAL (not specifically, I am not talking about anyone specific), how people who seem so smart can have these political views that are supported by causally-bereft and factually-challenged Sean Hannity-style WHA? I mean, despite what my gun-and-religion-loving, antipathy-having, you’re-going-DOWN-IN-2008-like-Monica-Lewinsky-on-Clinton friends in the blogosphere might think, I respect political views that are different than my own; I just also require EITHER some sort of causal analysis that justifies your position OR the admission that you live in a parallel universe where all that Sean Hannity crap is true. BUT NOT BOTH! I just don’t get it. Is this just the Hegelian dialectic personified, 2008-style? I don’t get it.

In other news, I probably don’t have the gout. And if I don’t have the gout, then I will pass my medical clearance, which means I will be an offical grantee of an international fellowship body I shall not name because I am superstitious, but which rhymes with "SCHWULbright" (also, "schwul" means gay in German and I love gays), to a country that rhymes with "FLOSStria" (in a tribute to you know who you are who loves flossing so much). So anyone who happens to live in or near a city that rhymes with "FLEAenna" (in a tribute to Jason’s cat) had better get ready to avoid ME for the academic year 2008-2009. Provided I don’t have the gout.

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