a double standard, doubled back; or, cry me a river and then go get approved for an apartment, Whitey

So I’ve been catching glimpses of this pathetic "oooh, Barack’s former pastor said it’s harder to be black than white HOW DARE HE?!?" flack and my hypocrisy-o-meter just went BATSHIT. Because, first of all, news flash, it is harder in America to grow up poor and black (like Barack did) than it is rich and white (just ask my ex-boyfriend Jacob and his STUPID BLACKJACK MOVIE I KEEP SEEING TRAILERS FOR EVERYWHERE, note to self: only date obscure academics from now on!). I know Hillary Clinton did not ASK to be born white, but guess what–I think anyone who had this choice:

#1: you can live your life with every possible advantage and all of your fuckups will be for complex and mainly self-inflicted reasons stemming from drugs or your weird family issues and you can get approved for credit cards and mortgages and apartments (they gave my boyfriend his apartment without credit checking him–do you think they would have done that if he weren’t as white as the driven snow? Not to be cynical but FUCK NO, especially not in St. Louis, Ingrained Racism Capitol of the Universe);


#2: you can be part of [INSERT MINORITY GROUP HERE] and be marginalized, distrusted, accused of not deserving your accomplishments even if you are brilliant, lambasted even by your own allies and get yelled at for even saying the word "Farrakhan" without spitting–

–well, you can better fucking believe how that choice would come out.

So, point one, what that pastor said was true. Not that it should have any bearing on the elcction outcome, but it is certainly true that nobody ever called Hillary Clinton an n-word (though the misogynistic invective she has had to deal with is pretty damn close, in her defense). But the point is that Barack has had to bend over backwards and denounce this guy because he’s being RACIST and INFLAMMATORY and OH MY GOD HOW DARE YOU INSULT WHITE PEOPLE??? It’s fucking ridiculous.

Meanwhile, John McCain has happily, flacklessly accepted the endorsement of Rev. John "Gays Caused Katrina" Hagee, who has said that New Orleanseans deserved Katrina because of the gay pride parade and other wonderful choice remarks about gays that are SO MUCH MORE FUCKING BIGOTED, downright bigoted and hate-filled and hate-mongery, than the simple statement of fact that H.R. Clinton (for whom I will gleefully vote in November if I am called upon to do it, let me say) had an easier upbringing than Barack did largely because of the racial and related socioeconomic circumstances into which she was born through no choice or fault of her own.

Nothing gets my goat more than white people up in a lather for anti-white racism. GUESS WHAT? Every month is white history month. Every day is white appreciation day. White people still have it so goddamned easy in this country that it makes me sick anytime any piece-of-crap entitled white person moans on and on about so-called "reverse racism" (THERE IS NO FUCKING SUCH THING AS REVERSE RACISM–AN OPPRESSED GROUP DOES NOT HAVE THE POWER TO OPPRESS, look it up) and "ghetto kids" somehow deserving their horrendous living situations and bitches about affirmative action (guess what–if you don’t want to "lose your job" to an equally qualified minority just BE BETTER QUALIFIED you douche–but oh, I forgot, you’re a white guy and you are used to things being handed to you because they ALWAYS FUCKING ARE).

I walk around St. Louis and I see the racial tension and then I see people of every stripe with "Obama" stickers and signs and T-shirts and I feel just a little bit better about the human condition–until I see CNN, the supposed "liberal biased" media, crow on all the fuck day long about some trumped-up religious person’s invective while totally excusing a much more odious religious person’s invective and I think–I have got to move back to NY and start chugging on some of that Valium-tainted water before I collapse a lung in rage.

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