“James Cameron, your future is true!”

Pace Eugene Mirman.

Last Thanksgiving (back when I thought only assholes were vegans…12 months and minus 15 pounds and an excellent all-around sense of awesome-being later I eat my words–words which, of course, contain no meat or dairy) I created this brilliant logic cartoon despite knowing no logic:


This was inspired by a conversation in which my #1 fella and I decided that if students were going to use paper mills and Wikipedia and wer-weiss-was, than we should be able to use technology to grade them (we also decided robots would have to deliver the lectures and robots would have to attend them in lieu of students–and only both, ergo, Robot iff Robot). Then it was agreed upon most merrily that that was an excellent name for the first album for my band, Boris Yeltsin Death Watch, or my band’s very engrossing side project, the Rebecca Schuman Experience (for the first I play vibes, finger-snapping, file cabinet and I rap; for the second I play flute), and that it needed some cover art. The last thing I wanted was for my offhanded musings to turn true (this has been happening a lot lately and I would appreciate it if it stopped, except for situations in which I wanted it to happen, which it usually doesn’t, except for that time my #1 fella got a bunch of money without asking for it)…and yet, they have.

And here, for no apparent reason, is a demonstration of how to wear a tie correctly:


6 thoughts on ““James Cameron, your future is true!”

  1. Dude. I don’t care how much that thing is, but I’m getting one, feeding my kids’ papers into it, and spending the weekend drunk, high, and watching 15 hours of “The L Word.”


  2. Hello Rebecca,
    i am Gerd Solty, a MUSIC enthusiast from North west germany and i read some books 7 and a half years ago. Now I spent more time in collecting t- shirts from famous band like Ramones and Jewish Spring. I like your interpretation of society you give in the robot graphic. The logical problem tells me something about my youth and answers some questions which I spent on most of my life.
    The left robot is metaphor for postmodern slogan of leaving something behind, when i left my last concert i felt and emptiness so did some other friends when we reached tennis field for play.
    I am not fan only of nice band like jewish spring which try to make concept of the year 1976 true on stage but also of great theoretician Judith Butler who tells sometimes about literature on internet, but more about what hides behind words like das “Schloß”. I newly spent some weeks in south antarktis, there you learn the truth of words judith butler spells out more often on internet than on tv. After thinking we had a nice grill party with grilled fish after reaching warmer regions.
    Hope you will post more philosophical statments here i can think about next week.


  3. Hi I am Khalla Konkurzek from United Azerbaidshan, read commment of Gerd nice that we fans of pop band meet in this blog.
    Like picture and story were you wanted to become fair princess have not much of them in Azerbaidshan this meens more in south bettween Gaalg hills and snipjuur river maybe but princess in north maybe difficult.
    Hope you write more about foreign cities soon !
    Your admirerer
    Khalla Konkurzek


  4. Interest discussion is spreading out of here, I would like to post comment myself and greet you from Center – Schleissheim in Germany. Having fellow is important, cause of that and cause of meaning I have to agriculture development in my district my friends used to call me Captain. I got some important knowledge about changing society by Chance and i am also admired by some girls in the town especially for beeing a fan of Uriah Heep in those troubled time you write in this blog. I like the pictures and the subversive constellation of people you play so nice with ( they like easteuropean bulding but dislike in other way too)happy too that Khallas wants to spread ideas of Kafka in Azerbaidshan.
    Ramones are O.K. but too old. Jewish Spring – always best of !
    Time to bed – please let us hear about future of the vegan lifestyle soon.
    L -world – good american stuff I like to look on cd before leaving for important work !!
    stay cool
    Captain S.


  5. Wow, these comments are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me (Ted’s too, of course). Na, neue Deutsche Fans, ihr dürft natürlich Comments auf deutsch schreiben, damit ich ein Bisschen üben kann, und auch eure ziemlich komplizierte Begriffe besser verstehen kann.
    Bis bald,


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