and they rocked happily ever after

My (younger) brother, after a whirlwind courtship of approx. 8 years, has shocked the world by getting engaged to his girlfriend.  This past weekend I got to attend their official engagement ceremony, which was mostly in Vietnamese and involved a lot of bowing.  The Buddhist marriage tradition seems really cool–a lot about equal partnership and inner beauty and quiet contemplation (and, in my brother’s case, getting yelled at by three sisters at once for being an ass). I got to spend some quality time with my sister-in-law-to-be and her extended family of SuperGeniuses (some form of medical degree or science officialdom ALL AROUND). I didn’t take any pics of the official ceremony (I think even the camera-happy German uncle turned them off for that) but here are a few randos from the trip.


Here’s the happy couple topping off the solemn occasion with a rendition of "Sweet Child O’Mine," and I have to say they both did Slash proud (at least as far as the video-game universe is concerned). My brother’s betrothed crushed him, but, according to him, only because she was playing as "intermediate" and he was "expert." I followed up with an excruciating rendition of Heart’s "Crazy on You" against my mom which ended in a tie of retardation (we oldies are bad at the video games). Let’s just say I won’t be dropping my writing-prize dough on a set of axes for "Guitar Hero" anytime soon. (I’m spending it on Wayne Newton tickets in Vegas. Obviously).


Here my brother and I are, again commemorating the solemnity of the occasion. The best part of this weekend…well, the best part was seeing my beautiful baby brother and his beautiful bride-to-be sharing their joy and happiness and–WHOOOOOOOORGH sorry, just holding your  hair back while you hurl–but the second-best part was that, due to the fact that he’s getting married "first" (second, really, but unlike me he will probably STAY married and is getting married for TOTALLY REALS), most of his girlfriend’s relatives assumed I was the younger sibling. Which is funny in that my brother looks about 12, so I must look like one of those disturbing Bratz dolls I keep reading so much about (padded bras for six-year-olds…can’t fucking believe it).


Here my sister-in-law-in-training and I are out to Indian food with the younger generation of the extended fam after she proved herself much better than my brother at "Taboo." She is pretty much the best member of our family now–I hope she knows what she’s gettin’ into.

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