he’s lucky I didn’t challenge him to a belly-dancing contest

Apparently my brother has some sort of Marty McFly-type disease wherein if he is challenged to do something he MUST. Hence, the following video documentary of him and one of his corporate-goon friends in a contest to see who can run down and up 42 flights of stairs faster (or, more accurately, who can do it within the time he gave himself–I think to be fair to my brother’s impending disgrace, he only gave himself 10 minutes, whereas his older, shorter and more corpulent friend got 12). Anyway, in case you were all wondering what corporate types do all day, here’s this. Enjoy it while you can–I’m sure my brother will pitch a hissyfit about it and his precious reputation as the world’s greatest future tycoon…as soon as he catches his breath. Ha ha ha hahahah. (PS yes I am aware my brother is really good-looking AND really successful, do not email me for his phone number).

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