Yes I know it’s “slowLY.” Assholes.

In lieu of my astoundingly regular blog posting, for the next three and a half weeks I bring you:


Days till exams: 25
Dread rating (1-10): 6
Bill-Clintonness of Eyes (1-10 with 10 being Clinton during Presidency): 4
Meals prepared in last week which involved turning on of stove burner: 0
Boxes of Trader Joe’s Brand Fake Wheat Thins consumed: 2
Books left to read: TOP SECRET, but enough to cause the above
Ability to see beyond exams (1-10, 10 being "I’ve already planned the party"): 3
Proclivity for melodrama and typos: no more or less than usual
Gratitude to anyone willing to put up with me for longer than twelve minutes: eternal (PA, du bist’s).

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