Make like a right-wing idealogue and do not demand causality

PA (whilst doing the crossword): "What’s a four-letter word for something rarely seen on a golf course?"
Me: J-E-W-S. JEWS! Jews! Jews. JEWS. Ha.
[many manipulations of that corner of the crossword ensue. A clue about Arthur Murray results in attempts of DANCE, TANGO, SALSA, SAMBA and, finally, RUMBA. It is discovered that the correct answer is "ACES."]
Me: Aces! Aces. ACES. (This is how I "help" do the crossword. Nothing can be confirmed  unless I repeat it at least three times. "Wither. WITHER! WITHER!")
PA: What’s an ‘ace’?
Me: I think it’s one over par. Or below par. Something to do with par.
PA: How do you KNOW THAT?
Me (wisely): I just do, P.A., I just do.

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