Tonight my belly dancing instructor was wearing a shirt emblazoned with "I LOVE my BOYFRIEND," the irony of which she pointed out whilst explaining to us that the two of them had broken up and gotten back together over a period of 24 hours last week (sort of). She also said that her boyfriend doesn’t really like the shirt (I can’t imagine why)–and yes, such shirts are pretty ridiculous (though a step above the I FUCKED YOUR BOYFRIEND ouvre, which is intra-female misogyny and I do not approve, despite my usual tolerance of the patriarchy, heh heh). Anyway, Erin and Debra and I decided we should also make shirts that say something ridiculous and wear them to belly dancing, and I was trying to think about what could be more ridiculous than "I LOVE my BOYFRIEND" and I think maybe "SMART QUINTUPLETS HERE" with an arrow pointing at my tummy would be great.  And then I could put little footprints on the back with the planned names for my impending quintuplets (they are very pious quintuplets): Gottfried, Gottlob, Fürchtegott, Gottlob and Gotthold, and then under that another big sign that said "I LOVE my IMAGINARY IMPENDING SMART QUINTUPLETS IN MY TUMMY" and then maybe another shirt under that that says "GERMAN ROMANTICISM IS AWESOME AND DOES NOT MAKE YOU CRAZY." Then everyone at belly dancing class will think I am cool and want to be me (if they don’t already).

5 thoughts on “Or maybe one that says “QUIT PUNISHING ME FOR STUDYING HARDER THAN YOU”

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